Custom Designed all-welded Aluminum Boats

Tunnel Hull System (patented*)

The tunnel hull boat patent is designed and owned by Ralph F. White, Marine Engineer for Scandy-White Boats, Inc. Scandy-White Boats is licensed to build these boats.
This system allows the use of boats in shallow water or water with hidden obstructions. When properly used, it reduces propeller damage and almost completely eliminates lower unit damage. Tunnel boats back and turn better than standard boats with water relief systems at lower speeds. They accelerate faster than standard boats and will come up on a plane anywhere they float.
These boats have longitudinal stringers spaced every 10" on the hull bottom. They are unsinkable and carry a 10-year written warranty on the hull welds (work boats carry only a 5-year warranty).
The larger of these hulls with a 115HP motor can be fitted with a manual air injection. This allows the boat to break loose from water suction developed while moving over the water at very high speeds using approximately 20 percent less fuel than standard boats (when properly rigged). These larger hulls handle better and are safer in the waves of large lakes and salt water.
Lengths: Bottom Width: Beam:
15' - 16' 48" 56"
16' - 18' 54" 66"
18' - 20' 60", 66", 72" 72", 78". 94"

*Long or shaft motors can be used.

The 15' and 16' boats can use tiller handle steering, stick steering, side console, or center console. All steering wheel systems used U-Flex anti-feed back steering systems (some larger motored boats may be required to use hydraulic steering).
The boats with 54" bottoms or larger, use .190 (3/16) marine grade aluminum hull bottoms. Hull sides are all .125 (1/8) marine grade aluminum with the exception of the 19' hulls, which has all .190 (3/16) bottom and sides.
The boats that use 40HP motor or larger, use Bob's High Speed Flats Jack Plate, or a manual (top adjusting) jack plate. All tunnel systems use a 4-blade custom stainless propeller, which is furnished by Scandy-White Boats. Scandy-White Tunnel Hull boats with stick steering, is the only boat rated for a 60HP motor. These were tested by Immana Labs, Rockledge, Florida.
At present, our shallow water boats are custom built. Please complete the custom order form and fax or email for a quote.
U.S. Patent:
#6,125,781 - October 3, 2000
#6,293,218 B1 - September 25, 2001
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